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As a professional singer myself, I'm all too aware of the demands of vocalists today and the need to keep on top of technique to avoid injury or strain. Even if you have no previous formal training, I make it my aim to start right at the very beginning so you will never feel out of your depth. Balance is key and every lesson is tailored to each students requirements in order for you to develop to your full potential as a vocalist. 


I've been fortunate to study singing over many years with world class voice instructors in varying techniques, though have found that not all approaches were necessarily helpful. Through teaching, it has become even more apparent that there is not one methodology that suits all. So I like to take the best parts and apply whatever necessary to help each individual student. 

Warm ups and vocal training exercises are used to help train the voice to work on things like pitch accuracy, larynx stability, vocal cord closure, tone and breath control, with plenty of time to work on songs and performance skills. 

Each student is encouraged to record the session, in order to revisit and practice until the next lesson. In every meeting, there is always something new to learn and with regular practice, goals can be achieved much faster. 

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