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In the years that I've been teaching singing, it's been an all too common occurrence that clients will discuss their dismay at the difficulty in securing representation within an already over-saturated industry. On closer inspection, it's clear that marketing yourself as the 'brand' you are, sometimes just needs a bit of tweaking. Since becoming a mentor for London Studio Centre, London; a role in which I guide graduates from the musical theatre course throughout the early stages in their performing careers, I've developed a keen interest in taking this further and offering a unique service to help those in the industry.

My career spans from ensemble dancer to leading lady performing 8 shows a week whether on tour or in town. I've had different agents within my 10 year career and am very fortunate that my work experience spans from Evita to Mamma Mia! The experience I've had within the industry can help you pin point exactly what the weak points are in your 'branding', hopefully securing you the representation you need to get your career kick-started!

Combined with vocal training, these skills provide tools for a unique service in order to help build confidence, technique and delivery for any vocalist. I'm on hand to ensure show reels, headshots, Spotlight and contact with agents is spot on... with the intention of you making a great first impression. 

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